meet our TEACHERS


Dimitris Andriopoulos, Principal (Levels 3-8)

I have been a teacher at the Hellenic Community School of Vancouver for over 10 years. I’m passionate about teaching the Greek Language, culture, and traditions to my students because I believe that it is essential for the new generations to be aware of their cultural roots and background. As Rita Mae Brown once said, “Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.”


Iro Pagomenou, Teacher (Levels 1-2)

Γεια σας! Hello! 

I'm Iro Pagomenou and I teach at the Greek School since 2019. I love teaching the Greek language, and culture and that's all I want to do!

Our students discover the beauty of the Greek language in a structured and fun way, adapted to each level, age and learning style


Katerina Mlhailidis, Teacher (Levels 1-2)

I'm from Heraklion, Crete. I have been working in our school for the last 3 years. With my sunny personality, I have a passion for languages and the great outdoors!


Maria Kalogeropoulou, Teacher (Levels 3-8)

I was born and raised in Greece, and I am very proud to teach my language and culture to our students. I have been working in education for more than twenty years both in Greece and in Canada. I have been teaching at the Hellenic Community of Vancouver since 2012, and since then I have seen hundreds of students growing up to speak the language, adore the culture and appreciate the long history of Greece. I understand that every child has different strengths and weaknesses in their learning process. Therefore, I am committed to having differentiated instruction in my class with a variety of opportunities for my students to achieve their goals


Marilena Loulaki, Teacher (Levels 1-3)

I have been a teacher at the Hellenic Greek School of Vancouver since 2012. I was born and raised in Athens, Greece. My endless love for children and my strong desire to communicate knowlege have always been the guide for my daily teaching practice. I am blessed to be capable of spreading the language, culture, and ethics of such a wonderful country to my beloved students, who have always been the source of my inspiration. 


Angela Karellas, Teacher (Levels Preschool and Kindergarden)

I have been working at the Greek school for over 20 years. I love to offer a fun and interactive environment so the children will explore, see, and learn about the Greek language and culture. I look forward to going to school every day to listen to their funny incredible ideas and share exciting learning activities.